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BMF 2500 S

170.0 kW

0 mm

20000.0 kg

Feeder BMF 2500 S (Tier 4): Paving the way.

The BMF 2500 is a feeder which optimises material delivery in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. With exceptionally high output, the unit can convey a 27 tonne lorry load of crushed rock, sand or asphalt in only 35 seconds. This saves time and operating costs.

– Long conveyor belt service life:
The chain-reinforced conveyor belt guarantees reliable operation with no downtime. No need to re-tension during operation and the unit is temperature-independent. The roller chain ensures reliable feed of material at a high output of 4,000 tonnes per hour.

– Scrapers:
Robust scrapers clean the conveyor belt thoroughly. The split design enables the whole width of the conveyor belt to be cleaned.

– Belt versions:
The belts are available in three versions:
1. BMF 2500 S with a short belt
2. BMF 2500 M with a medium-length belt
3. BMF 2500 S Offset with slewable conveyor belt for the short version